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  1. We call for a national referendum to decide whether or not the United Kingdom pursues a Net Zero carbon policy
  2. We call for a Pause in implementation of all regulations based upon Net Zero Carbon policy until the Referendum is held, and for public policy to be neutral
  3. We call for all carbon-related taxes and costs to be optional at least until the referendum has been held


(at least 97%)


CAR26 supports informed rational analysis of climate matters and state action only if required.  We engage with an irreverent satirical spin – poking fun, calling out hypocrisy and observing emperor’s clothes and the disrespect shown by arrogant rulers.

We call for a referendum on Net Zero carbon policy, and a pause of all carbon-related regulations until it is held, for public policy to be unbiased and for citizens to have the right to opt out of carbon taxes and costs.  British history shows that when the people have their say we can overturn the elite ‘consensus’.

The green challenge is too important, its implications too dramatic, to be left to an establishment that has embraced net zero as if it were a new religion  The Telegraph, 20 October 2021

CAR26 believes that in a modern secular free society public policy must be determined and reviewed rationally following proper research and full analysis with the rights, health, wealth and security of all the people at the fore, weighing the costs and benefits of existing or proposed regulation and laws. 

When proper analysis is absent or secret we suspect the motivation of those in power.  If climate scientists change tack, mislead and obfuscate we ask why.

Everyone accepts that the climate changes, so key issues worthy of attention are:

  • Is CO2 a significant factor in global warming?
  • What are the good and bad impacts of any global warming?
  • What can be done to mitigate bad impacts of climate changes?
  • What is the real full cost of mitigation, and who pays it?
  • Is such State spending of taxpayer money the best use of scarce funds?

This is not how we see climate policy being handled today.  Free speech and debate are being replaced by a woke humourless consensus controlled by a remote elite abetted by a cowed media and bought-off ‘experts’ and institutions.  Sadly, challenge leads to shunning, shaming and ends careers.

Through the ages elites protected privilege and position through opposing mass literacy, human rights, scientific enquiry and by crushing discussion and dissent.  What progress would have been possible in a male flat-Earth World at the centre of the Cosmos?  Those in power distract and control the masses through creation of terrifying enemies, and what better foe than an undefended invisible trace gas?

Where is this leading?   Eco-lockdowns?   Enforcement?   Is Net Zero Carbon the new Covid?

‘War on CO2’ completes an ugly trifecta with the ‘wars’ on terrorism and covid.  CO2 on the contrary is essential to all life and its welcome growth has greened our planet saving countless human and other lives.  When talking heads see no positives from gentle warming it is a warning signal that their minds are as closed as those of religious fanatics.

CAR26 will seek the truth, review past and proposed policy decisions, bring braver perpectives into the light, support whistleblowers, expose hypocrisy, ‘dodgy dossiers’ and conflicted green millionaires, and encourage healthy open-minded debate around our Climate in all its glorious complexity – and have some fun!  Like millions of suffering fellow citizens we don’t pretend to be scientists, unlike Al or Greta, but we will invite real ones to brief us all and ask the people what they think!

CAR26 questions the costly and disruptive scheduled elimination of traditional vehicles, disproportionately hitting the poorer.  Costs include replacement and disposal of existing vehicles, decommission of fuel distribution networks, building new charging networks and boosting electricity generation, future disposal of electric vehicles and greater taxation to pay for it all.  The main claimed benefit depends on the hypothesis that CO2 is directly and uniquely damaging and that ‘Net Zero Carbon’ is the best solution on a planet where poorer developing countries rightly emit more each year at will.

“Get rid of all the green crap” David Cameron, 2013, in a chillaxing unguarded moment.

We question the C02-hating rejection of regulated fracking as a safe technology to access decades of cheap domestic gas, boosting the economy of northern England in particular.

CAR26 denounces conscription of our impressionable passionate Youth to a false ‘war on CO2’ by green millionaires, educators and politicians – brainwashing and distracting from deserving real conservation and humanitarian issues like pollution, disease, clean water and sanitation.  Borderline child abuse?  Images of hysterical children paying truant dragooned into ‘climate emergency’ mass demonstrations distress us.  Our constructive response because we love our planet and believe in human ingenuity: the CAR26 ‘Smarter Green, Brighter Futures’ campaign in 2022.

We will challenge the climate decision making process, commission objective surveys, launch petitions and make FOI requests.  You can be part of this by supporting us and our declaration.

Our lovable mascot is ‘Ambassador Seeotu’, represented by a sunflower with Twitter account @Seeotu who represents the CO2folk of Planet Earth and has a cheeky dry wit as CAR26’s Court Jester.  The first ‘CAR26 Challenge’ is for supporters to help us collect selfies with a sunflower or Seeotu of all members of the British Cabinet by the end of COP26!  The Ambassador has chosen the mellow ‘shaka’ salute, fingers horizontal, to show solidarity and in CAR26 flashmobs.  You will be seeing it a lot – join us, collect kudos!

Climate extremists (usually anti-capitalists if scratched) should be handled firmly by the police and prosecuted in accordance with the law without special treatment.  We also object to the BBC’s self-appointed role, funded by a licence fee enforced by law, as chief anti-CO2 cheerleader.

Nature has been kind, we should gratefully take advantage.  A decade of paused warming means we can safely freeze immediately all carbon-related measures while they are reviewed by calm objective scientists.  Legislation, past and future, should have sunset clauses, expiring automatically unless renewed.

Climate is serious, it is not the weather.  We should take all the time we need to get it right.

Governments are not responding to Public demand.  They are forcing the pace, quite possibly in the wrong direction in a futile mission.  Citizens should be allowed to opt out of all ‘green’ costs and taxes just as we choose our own way in other key aspects of our lives – faith, veganism, fashion, sexuality…

The CAR26 movement was founded by citizens determined to see fairness, justice, the application of evidence-based science and accountability in modern politics prevail on this vital issue, and to offer balance to COP26 in Glasgow.

Faced by plentiful absurdity in the ‘climate emergency’ many either laugh or cry.  But we deserve better and can demand these serious matters (the proposed cures are pretty serious) are handled better.

CAR26 welcomes those who share our vision to join us on this righteous journey towards the centenary of the General Strike of 1926 at a time when 26% of new cars sold are electric.

“Thank you for your support.  Please sign our declaration and register as a supporter, follow @CAR26_ORG and @Seeotu on Twitter, contact us (whistleblowers so welcome), engage with exciting CAR26 Challenges and suggest questions we can ask leaders, get and use your own unique CAR26handle, display CAR26 bumper stickers with pride and enjoy our broadcasts.  The fightback starts now!”

Lois Perry, Director CAR26.ORG Ltd

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