20% Brits Who Strongly Thought Eco-Lockdowns Were A Good Idea In October 2021 No Longer Think So in June 2023 – YouGov/CAR26/Heartland Institute

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Number of Brits Who Strongly Oppose Net-Zero Lockdowns Has Gone Up From 62% to 64% In Last 20 Months

London, UK – 23rd June 2023 – 20% Less Brits who strongly believed that climate lockdowns were a good idea back in October 2021 no longer think so, according to the latest YouGov/CAR26/Heartland Institute Survey.

The question posed between the 22nd-24th October 2021 and then again in between 16th-19th June 2023is: ‘To what extent would you support or oppose having ‘eco-lockdowns’ (lockdowns for environmental reasons) in the future for the UK to meet its Net Zero Carbon targets?’

This big shift is a dramatic reduction in those who once strongly supported Eco lockdowns, which was 39% in October 2021, but has now dropped to 31% (both excluding those who answered ‘don’t know’.

Infact, those who strongly oppose Government lockdowns to meet Net-Zero targets has increased from 62% to 64% (excluding those who 

answered don’t know).

“Support for climate lockdowns is clearly falling away across the board and most strongly from those who were most passionate about locking us all down to save the planet,” says Director of CAR26, Lois Perry.


Survey Results:

16th-19th June 2023 YouGov/CAR26/Heartland Institute


22nd-24th Oct 2021 YouGov / CAR26


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