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Thank you for visiting our shop, it is one of the ways we will fund our activities and through CAR26 products we raise awareness.

Naturally our products are therefore not keenly-priced – that wouldn’t make sense – but if you do find them too reasonable please find other ways to support CAR26!

Our initial product line is strictly limited to the CAR26 Essential Kit (£26) comprising the following:

  1. Seeotu mascot, as modelled by Lois
  2. Sunflower brooch
  3. Sunflower lapel pin
  4. CAR26 lanyard
  5. Weatherproof CAR26 round logo bumper stickers
  6. Paper CAR26 round logo stickers
  7. Paper CAR26 square brand stickers

And P&P in the UK (also essential)

You can try to buy more than one kit, or pay to have it sent to a friend.

We plan to have white and black teeshirts with the CAR26 round logo front (small) and back (big) also at £26 each ready for you by Christmas 2021.

So while we wait for deliveries (ordered, due by COP26) and set up the payment system, you can reserve your CAR26 Essential Kit(s) now for free by writing to us at  You can also pre-book your teeshirts, please state colour(s) and size(s) wanted.

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Dave · 02/11/2021 at 11:23

Thank you for your effort putting together a platform for opposition to, or taking a sceptical view of, the Government’s fanatical and myopic Net-Zero policies. The public deserves some accountability and visibility in this debate, after all it’s the public that will be paying – not Boris et al!

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