62% Who Expressed An Opinion Want
a Referendum on UK’s Net Zero
Carbon Policy – YouGov/CAR26 Poll

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According to the latest YouGov/CAR26 poll, after excluding those who answered ‘Don’t
know’ 62% want a referendum on UK’s Net Zero carbon policy as compared with 58% in the
same question asked last year before COP26.
Across all demographics, more support than oppose holding a referendum.
Surprisingly the greatest support by party affiliation, excluding ‘Don’t knows’ has shifted
significantly since the polling last year at 66% for 2019 Labour voters (53% in 2021) with
Liberal Democrat voters at 60% (51% in 2021) and Conservative voters at 56% (58% in
Liberal Democrat voters again were the most decisive group with only 15% ‘Don’t knows’ as
compared with 10% in 2021.
Both Remainers and Leavers supported a referendum, similarly, at 58% and 61% of those
expressing an opinion respectively. Both sexes polled the same with 62% support once
those who didn’t know were excluded.
The four age groups polled in 2021 at between 56% to 63% so it was notable that the 18-24
age group stood at 78% support of those who expressed an opinion (up from 56% in 2021)
where 28% said ‘don’t know’ compared to 37% last year.
In terms of the regional breakdown there were two notable changes over the past year – of
those expressing an opinion London’s support rose from 51% to 61% and Scotland’s support
rose from 54% to 72%.
The online poll conducted between 21 st -22 nd November 2022 asked 1,661 people ‘To what
extent do you support or oppose holding a national referendum to decide whether or not the
UK pursues a Net Zero Carbon policy?’
According to CAR26 Director, Lois Perry, “Last year we polled before COP26. In the spirit of
the times we decided to give the Climate Cultists a free kick by polling right after the wall-to-
wall unquestioning coverage by mainstream media of COP27”.
“Net-Zero policy is vastly expensive and entirely futile, it will make no difference to the
natural cycles of climate. Our polling, especially among the young, gives us hope that as
people understand how Net Zero pointlessly raises the cost of living and will steal our
freedoms. We think greater support among Labour and Liberal Democrat supporters is a
consequence of seeing Net Zero-caused inflation hitting family budgets. 2023 will see
greater public debate and we welcome that, Net Zero will become the major factor in political
party life towards the next General Election and a referendum in 2025″
Last year, YouGov/CAR26 surveyed Brits on their attitudes towards a Net-Zero referendum,
discovering that 58% of those who expressed an opinion wanted a referendum.

Notes to Editors:-

All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size for 2022
fieldwork was 1,661 adults, undertaken between 21st – 22nd November 2022. The survey
was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB
adults (aged 18+).
YouGov/CAR26 Survey Data from 2021 and 2022, Net Zero Referendum:
2021: https://docs.cdn.yougov.com/l3cqd8ihku/CAR26Results_211025_NetZero_W.pdf


Lois Perry, director. CAR26.Org

About CAR26.Org
CAR26, which stands for Climate Analysis and Reason, supports informed rational analysis
of climate matters and state action only if required. They engage with an irreverent satirical
spin – poking fun, calling out hypocrisy and observing emperor’s clothes and the disrespect
shown by arrogant rulers. CAR26 calls for a referendum on Net-Zero carbon policy, and a
pause of all carbon-related regulations until it is held, for public policy to be unbiased and for
citizens to have the right to opt-out of carbon taxes and costs. British history shows that
when the people have their say we can overturn the elite ‘consensus’.

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