CAR26 Claims Success For PM Boris Johnson Moving to ‘End The Fracking Ban’

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After four months of tireless campaigning, Climate Realism organisation, CAR26.Org,led by Lois Perry, have claimed victory for PM Boris Johnson’s moves in PMQ’s today that he may reverse the ban on fracking to provide energy security for Britain due to the Russia/Ukraine crisis.

Two weeks ago, CAR26, led by Miss Perry, launched the House of Commons Petition to ‘End the Fracking Ban” which has soared to approximately 15,000 signatures, now commanding a response from the Government.

40 Tory MPs and 4 Peers have now asked the Government to reverse the ban on fracking.

In September last year, CAR26 commissioned the YouGov survey which revealed that 58% of Brits, who expressed an opinion, want a Carbon Net Zero Referendum.

CAR26’s monthly Forums hosted by Miss Perry have featured Reform UK Leader Richard Tice, former Conservative MEP Lance Forman, Maajid Nawaz, Lembit Opik, James Delingpole – which have all turned the tide of public opinion – paving the way for the Fracking ban to be overturned in this country.

CAR26 was the engine which fired Nigel Farage and Richard Tice’s cylinders to repeat the ‘Brexit Referendum’ all over again but with the ‘Vote Power Not Poverty’ campaign launched at the weekend.

According to Miss Perry “No one dared breathe a word about Fracking once more being a possibility when we started talking about it. I was told I was mad. Now its a reality. We have well and truly shifted the narrative”.

Miss Perry has tirelessly campaigned at COP26 in Glasgow, written to the CEO of the Oil and Gas Authority, Lobbied MPs, and made multiple appearances on TalkRADIO, GB News, LBC, Sky News Australia, the BBC, Channel 5. “It’s been a long hard graft, but we’ve done it”.
Miss Perry cites the next challenge as a total reversal in the UK government’s ill thought through carbon Net Zero policies. “It’s one thing fracking because of Putin, its another thing removing all the ridiculous green levies funding the technocratic billionaires in California. Our work is still not done. But this is an incredible result regardless,” she says.

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