CAR26 Director, Lois Perry: 2024 UK General Election Will Be “Net Zero Election”

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According to Lois Perry, director of climate reality group CAR26, the defining issue of the upcoming 2024 UK General Election will be Net Zero emissions targets.

“This election will first and foremost be a Net Zero election,” declares Perry.

CAR26 argues against Net Zero policies, which they believe would damage the British economy while yielding negligible, and near Zero environmental benefits.

“Most Brits see through the ruse and don’t buy into rewiring our economic system to serve Silicon Valley technocrats pushing fake climate alarmism,” says Perry.

She notes that only fringe parties like Reform UK and UKIP are taking a firm anti-Net Zero stance.

The Conservatives and Labour remain committed to aggressive decarbonisation targets for 2030 and 2050 to the “absolute horror of most Brits”.

“The two main parties are deep in the pockets of the green technocracy,” argues Perry. “Their leaders parrot the Net Zero agenda fed down from UN mouthpieces like the World Economic Forum while ignoring public skepticism.”

CAR26 wants climate policy driven by practicality, not ideology. They advocate adapting to a changing climate while rejecting radical proposals with huge economic costs.

“Net Zero is a recipe for national bankruptcy,” warns Perry. “Voters must elect leaders who take a pragmatic approach on climate change.”


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