CAR26 Director Lois Perry Expresses Outrage Over Government’s Draconian Net Zero Rules

Published by CAR26 .org on

Lois Perry, the director of CAR26, a prominent organisation advocating to end ridiculous Net Zero policies, has expressed her strong opposition and outrage at the recent government proposals to impose jail sentences on property owners who fail to comply with eco guidelines aimed at achieving net zero emissions.

In a recent statement, Perry vehemently criticised the government’s approach, labeling it as a “power grab” that would grant excessive control over citizens’ lives.

The move comes in response to the proposed Energy Bill, which faced resistance from nine Conservative MPs during its third reading. These MPs voiced concerns about the potential detrimental impact the legislation might have on the nation’s energy landscape.

Perry voiced her concerns, stating, “This is really scary. The Government wants to make certain things a criminal offence.”

“I think they’ve got a bit power hungry. It’s Orwellian. Can you believe this has been brought in by a Conservative Government?”

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