We hold that the global climate changes over time and always has.

We reject that there is any ‘Climate Crisis’ worthy of that name.

We support rational objective analysis of climate and State action only if justified.

We believe policy in a modern secular free society must be determined transparently following independent unconflicted research and analysis with the rights, health, wealth and security of the People at the fore, weighing costs and benefits of existing or proposed regulation and laws.

We doubt that CO2, essential for life and global greening, drives global warming. Unless this is proven, policies whose net benefit depends on that hypothesis must be rejected.

We denounce woke cancel culture attacks on those seeking rational climate debate.  We demand balanced coverage of those matters, especially when funded by the State or through compulsory levies (for example the BBC licence fee).  We demand open informed debate.

We condemn conscription of our youth to the ‘War on Co2’ by interest groups, educators and politicians through brainwashing misinformation, resourced by public funds.

We demand that climate extremists be handled properly by the Police and prosecuted in accordance with the Law and without special treatment.

We call for review of forced replacement of traditional vehicles by electric ones, and demand transparency on the true motivation, analysis and process of that decision making.

Given the observed long hiatus in global warming we demand a truce – that lawmakers put on hold all CO2-related proposed and existing legislation for at least five years.

We call for Citizens to be able to opt in or out of all CO2-related taxes and costs.

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