CAR26 Proudly Sponsored ‘The Weekly Sceptic’ Live Event In Westminster Challenging the Net-Zero Agenda Amongst Other Ruses

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CAR26, the prominent anti-Net Zero campaigning group that views the Net-Zero movement as part of a globalist effort to bring about a Totalitarian reset of the planet, was proud to sponsor of The Weekly Sceptic podcast’s sold-out live event at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster, London on Saturday, 20th May 2023.

The event starring Nick Dixon, Toby Young and Will Jones brought together like-minded individuals who share concerns about the increasingly Draconian overtones surrounding the Net-Zero agenda amongst other narratives.

CAR26 Director Lois Perry met with attendees to talk through her work.

CAR26 believes that the Net-Zero movement, initially focused on environmental sustainability, has morphed into a political and ideological battleground fuelled by a total economic rewiring of our financial system, hijacking the bone fide green movement, as now highlighted by luminaries like Patrick Moore, founder of Greenpeace.

By sponsoring this event, CAR26 aimed to stimulate more critical discussions and challenge the prevailing narratives associated with Net-Zero and how it impacts our freedoms.
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