We are delighted to open the CAR26.ORG Summer Competition, which closes 30 September 2022 with winners chosen by Our Lois and announced by 15 October 2022.  Lois decisions are final, as always.
The competition is designed to find the best illustrations to demonstrate just what a tiny proportion of our air is CO2 – rounded it is 0.04% which is 1 in 2500 so we want to see ratios below that.  We love CO2 and want more of it, CO2 is life and without it humanity would die, but there’s no harm in mocking those big strong men pretending it is a huge monster.
For example… and even better with a photo attached!
If the air is the Elizabeth Tower at Parliament containing the Big Ben bell, then the CO2 is a table tennis ball (40mm vs 96m=2400)! 
If the air is a marathon, then the CO2 is a bendy-bus (18m vs 42.195m=2344)
The CO2 in the air is 100-times less than the salt in seawater – you couldn’t even taste it!
You can send us as many entries as you like but you can only win one of the epic prizes.  Ten lucky winners will receive a CAR26 Starter Kit and their choice of hoodie or teeshirt.
We look forward to your entries, please send them to and tell us if you want your name published (we will assume not unless you tell us otherwise).  By entering this competition you give us permission to use your entry as we please.
Good luck everyone, keep it clean and cheeky!