Don’t Bank on it! Green Finance Will Not Provide the Windfall the City of London Expects

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Spiralling energy prices, electricity-rationing on the horizon for everyday Brits’ –  CAR26.Org Director, Lois Perry

CAR26.Org director Lois Perry says “The UK has thrown the baby out with the bathwater by gambling that the City of London will become the global epicentre of Green Finance.”

“Hedge fund boys believe they will do a roaring trade on carbon offsets in a green feeding-fenzy.”

“But it’s nothing more than a green Ponzi Scheme funded by lashings of government money – derived directly from crippling green taxes.”

“The wet dream of green finance billions in the City of London is nothing but a pipedream.”

“The world is either laughing at us or alternatively will fight for their share, while quietly keeping their foot on the peddle of real energy, not just unreliables.”

“Ultimately, there’s no real profit in green unreliables and CO2.”

“Russia, China, Qatar, India are all on a deliberate ‘go slow’ in terms of adoption of flawed Climate Science wrongly suggesting that only renewables will stave off global temperature rises which will ultimately burn us all alive in a blazing inferno.”

“But Britain are the suckers of the world, trashing it’s domestic energy policy – no new oil fields, no coal, no nuclear, no shale gas.”

“Meanwhile, we are becoming more and more dependent on other nations to keep our lights on.”

“We will seriously pay the price for such abject stupidity.”

“Energy prices will continue to rise well beyond the 50% increase next April when the energy price cap is removed. The £2000 per year for each household is only the floor, not the ceiling.”

“Electricity rationing will be the next thing, with the little bit of electric we can get our hands on costing 5 times the price.” “Old proverb: Never interrupt your opponent when he’s making a mistake!  Russia and Qatar love expensive oil /gas. China loves selling us pointless green toys and grabbing our factories. India just says ‘We’ll do this stupid green thing for the time being, as long as you pay us to do it’.

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