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Are Boris and his Cabinet crash dummies taking the Nation into a Climate Crash? 

Our lighthearted first CAR26 Challenge is for our supporters to collect and create by Christmas fresh photos and created images of all Cabinet members – and win prizes.  Here, below, Lois shows how it is done.

Send us your photos and images of British Cabinet members with Ambassador Seeotu or any sunflower.  We will select the best entries and showcase them, crediting you through your chosen CAR26handle – a unique name you choose starting with ‘$C’ for example ‘$ClimateScam’ which ensures your anonymity in CAR26 activities.

We will gradually replace the lovely if repetitive Lois images with your entries as they come in and tweet especially good ones.  Members of Cabinet and their families are welcome to take part to prove their healthy senses of humour!  You can show your face or not, up to you.

We will display the best entries received until Christmas on a rotation and then choose our favourite photos and image of each Cabinet member for the final version which will be printable online from our website and thereafter be available through our shop.

In addition to the glory, each of potentially 60 winners will receive a CAR26 Essential Kit worth £26 – the winner in each category – ‘photo’ or ‘image’.  Images can be very creative, even cartoons, please keep it clean and PG-rated, friends!  There is no limit to the number of entries allowed.

By taking this challenge you grant us all intellectual property rights to use them, with recognition through your CAR26handle, including on social media.

Please send your entries to with your preferred CAR26handle – and if it has been taken we will be in touch to agree another CAR26handle for you.

We can’t wait to receive them!

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