Is The Folly Of Net Zero Finally Over With Lord Frost Resigning?

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By Lois Perry, Director, CAR26.Org 

Lord Frost resigning from the Cabinet over ‘Net Zero Costs plus Covid measures and Taxes’ show that the ‘Green blob’ may finally have lost its stranglehold on government.

Just a month ago, at the onramp to COP26, no one could say a bad word about the Carbon Net-Zero Policy. 
Oh, how things have changed…

Cabinet Minister and Former Brexit negotiator Lord Frost resigning from Government over the ‘staggering cost’ of Net Zero as well as ‘Plan B’ Covid measures and tax hikes and has changed the game entirely, hopefully dealing a much-needed death blow to the project.

This is the best indicator yet that the wheels are finally coming off Carbon Net Stupid.

When the energy cap comes off in April 2022, a tsunami of Brits will feel the impact on their bank balances as terrible and counterproductive Net-zero energy policies and a cult-like adoration of unreliable renewables sees annual bills soar to up to £2000 per family annually. 
With mortgages going up and inflation, this is not something that can be sustained anymore. Neither should it be. Net Zero Policy is Self Harm on an epic scale.

Keeping the flame burning for renewables is an increasingly risky policy for a Tory Government.

Wishful leader-in-waiting Rishi Sunak, who abstained from the vote which saw 100 Tory backbench MP’s turn on the Prime Minister, has been spotted greasing the ‘Green’ technocrats in Silicon Valley. Sunak needs to come clean about his intentions to put Britain citizens first rather than continue this insane and damaging Carbon policy. With trust in ‘The Science’ at an all-time low,  now is the time to look at Net Zero and its implications calmly and rationally. Something that had been in short supply in recent times. 

If we’re carrying on with this madness, there needs to be a #NetZeroReferendum first. 

Climate change we believe in, includes Frost disappearing in mid-winter.  Well done to Lord Frost for standing by his principles.

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