Lois Perry Tells Sam Ashworth-Hayes ‘My Hairdryer Is Not Causing Coastal Crosion’

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Lois Perry, Director of CAR26, appeared on the Mark Dolan Show on GBNEWS alongside Sam Ashworth-Hayes. Lois told Sam that climate change is natural and that her using her hairdyer is not causing coastal erosion.

(9) CAR26.ORG 🌻 on Twitter: “.@LoisPerry26 was interviewed by @MarkSteynOnline on @GBNEWS along with @SAshworthHayes. Lois told Sam: “My hair dryer is NOT causing coastal erosion!” #CostofnetZero @LanceForman @Seeotu Watch in Full: https://t.co/CsgRk3Uu8V https://t.co/j4XWgSEd9X” / Twitter

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