Rishi rules out Net-Zero Referendum – CAR26, who instigated the Polling questions say its an absolute must

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Lois Perry, director of CAR26.Org says: “There is now no major political party in the United Kingdom that can be trusted on scaling down on the Net-Zero nonsense. Despite the new oil licences and objections to expanding Ulez from Rishi Sunak, the last Tory manifesto was still a green-fest”.”Labour are totally untrustworthy as Opposition”.”Only a Net-Zero referendum will send a clear message from the People to the Politicians, that they have no mandate to compromise Western standards of living for an Ideological green death cult of Net-Zero”.
“The Civil servants have already rewired the country to lay the net zero carpet. Repealing it won’t happen without a Net Zero Referendum”.

CAR26/YouGov conducted the first Net Zero poll between 22-24th October 2021, just before COP26.https://docs.cdn.yougov.com/l3cqd8ihku/CAR26Results_211025_NetZero_W.pdf
CAR26/Heartland Institute/YouGov asked the same question between 21st and 22nd November 2022:

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