The Inaugural CAR26 Forum Finally Kick-Started A Debate About ‘Carbon Net-Zero Nonsense’

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CAR26 were formed just prior to COP26 to kick start a debate about the government’s Carbon Net-Zero policies.

“IPCC Scientists who were in disagreement that Carbon is causing the earth to burn up were all Cancelled. TV talk shows would have no one on who might be considered a Climate change denier,” according to CAR26 director Lois Perry.

“What we needed was a robust debate, and what better place to do that in a fun and provocative way than the CAR26 forum”.

Over 60,000 social media views of the event which took place at 7pm on Wednesday 12th January 2022 show that there is a considerable number of people waking up to the view that there is another side to the Climate Change story, according to CAR26.

Legendary TalkRADIO host Mike Graham summed up particularly well by saying “Climate Change is a Con.”

Maajid Nawaz, the activist, broadcaster and visionary warned about how Britain is becoming reliant on adversarial powers like the Russian over Ukraine because of it’s Net Zero policies. Our hands are tied in terms of being able to sanction Russia when we’re so reliant on them for cheap fossil fuel energy.

Researcher Rog Tallbloke questioned the lie that ‘97% of scientists agree about carbon dioxide causing a crisis of global warming’. As well as the numbers having been manipulated, he says “it’s the old case of if you torture the data enough it will confess even to crimes it didn’t commit. Instead of evidence based policy we have got policy based evidence.”

Howard C Cox, CEO of Fair Fuel UK, who represents 37 million UK drivers said he is appalled that drivers are being forced into electric cars. “It’s all about Emotion Not Science,” he says. Cox believes that consumers should ahave a choice between electric, petrol or diesel cars.

Lance Forman, the former Brexit Party MEP and ‘Salmon King’ shared his experience about how Small to Medium sized businesses are being used to carry the load of energy price hikes because the government can’t sting domestic users due to price caps.

“The car has well and truly started in terms of there now being an actual debate about Carbon Net-Zero nonsense,” says CAR26 director Lois Perry.

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Rog Tallbloke · 03/02/2022 at 17:21

A very timely event, now that the energy bill crisis is upon us due to policy being based on woke idealism instead of power engineering. The public need to inform themselves and vote wisely!

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